Author: Carleen Wild

Wired Wednesday: Carla White on the Addictiveness of Social Media

Despite Facebook denying any problems, a growing chorus of voices is raising concerns

Facebook’s first president, Sean Parker, recently said that the social media platform exploits a “vulnerability in human psychology” to addict its users. And he’s not the only one sounding the alarm right now. A former Facebook vice president, also recently told an audience at Stanford that the company is “ripping apart the social fabric of how society works.” Carla White,…

Highway Patrol on Scene of Crash in Charles Mix County

Two vehicles were involved according to officials, troopers remain on the scene

Charles Mix County, S.D. – Details remain few at this hour, but High Patrol spokesman Tony Mangan confirms a two-vehicle accident in Charles Mangan County near Delmont. Traffic is still moving in the area, but Mangan said troopers will most likely remain at the scene for a while yet. Categories: KDLT News Today – Top Stories Tags: accident, Charles Mangan…

Sioux Falls Young Professionals Network Continues to Grow

More than 1000 strong already, the organization aims to attract new members with it's premier event of the season

There is a lot of excitement surrounding the 2017 Kringle, the Sioux Falls Young Professionals Network event of the season. This year, the event will be held on the stage at the Washington Pavilion. Organizers believe it will be an incredible event and a great opportunity for members to network. Sioux Falls YPN has almost 1000 members already, and with a…

Out and About: What’s Happening the Week of 12/11

Holiday events abound, many of them, to support great causes

Addie Graham-Kramer, president of The Event Company, joins us every Monday with insight into some of the events happening in and around the region. Check out what’s happening the week of December 11! Further details are listed below for each event. Tuesday, December 12, Albert and Gage’s “One More Christmas” at the Washington Pavilion, 7 p.m. Wednesday, December 13 –…

Child Actors Bring A Christmas Story to Life

The Classic Christmas film to be performed on a Sioux Falls stage

Children performing with the Dakota Academy of Performing Arts will bring a Christmas classic to life at the Washington Pavilion the weekend of December 14-17. We spoke with two of the main actors and Robert Wendland, director of the production, on KDLT News Today ahead of the show’s debut. Click here for more on the production or to order tickets….

Best Books to Give for the Holidays

Barnes and Noble staff offer a few of their top picks

If you’re feeling stuck on a great gift to give for the holidays, one that might be a bit more personal, books are an often overlooked option. Scott Skar from the Sioux Falls Barnes & Noble brought some top staff picks along with fun insight into what people are buying or often looking for themselves, into the KDLT News Today…

Village on the River: “There is Definitely a Need”

President of Downtown Sioux Falls outlines why he believes now is the time for a project of this magnitude

President of Downtown Sioux Falls, Inc. Joe Batcheller explains why he believes the Village on the River, the major new downtown hotel, mixed-use, and parking ramp project, is the right decision for Sioux Falls and South Dakota. Batcheller sat down with KDLT News Today just days after the Sioux Falls City Council voted to move the project – a $50 million…

6 Ways to Ward Off Holiday Stress

Greta Gildemeister from Great Life Fitness offers some easy, free ways to unwind

Health Magazine recently released 25 Ways to Fight Holiday Stress, giving you lots of options. But Great Life’s Greta Gildemeister breaks down her top six in a segment on KDLT News Today. Categories: KDLT News Today, KDLT News Today Interviews Tags: anxiety, Great Life Fitness, Greta Gildemeister, health, holidays, Sioux Falls, stress

Wired Wednesday: Great Tech Gifts for Kids

Will Bushee from BrightPlanet and Code Bootcamp offers a few ideas for the holidays

If your child is into gaming and technology, and you’re lost in the dark on great gift ideas for the holidays, we’ve got a few options for you. While there are hundreds of great options out there, Will Bushee of BrightPlanet and Code Bootcamp joined us with a few suggestions. Click on the link above for our interview with Will….

Addie’s Picks for Events the Week of December 4

Events you don't want to miss in this festive edition of our new weekly series, "Out and About"

Every Monday morning, we are working to bring you events for the upcoming week you’ll want to be sure to include on your calendar! And there are some fun ones as we head into the thick of the holiday season and with snow on the way! Addie Graham-Kramer, President of The Event Company, and her team are sorting through some…

New South Dakota Down Payment Assistance Program

GROW South Dakota is among the partners in the new venture that aims to help hundreds get into a new home

Lori Moen with GROW South Dakota offered further details on the new NeighborhoodLIFT program, which offers lower income South Dakotans a better chance at homeownership through a loan forgiveness program. Categories: KDLT News Today, KDLT News Today Interviews Tags: GROW South Dakota, home loans, homeownership, Loan Forgiveness, Wells Fargo

10 Foods to Help Fight a Cold

Or at least a few good staples to help you feel better when a cold or the flu has you down

Chicken noodle soup, crackers, and 7 UP used to be staples in homes across America when it came to nursing a loved one back to health from a cold or the flu. But a lot of foods are rich in nutrients and can help fight infections and help prevent illness. Chef Scott Teal from Hy-Vee joined us in the studio…

Why Sanford Health is Launching New Veterans Program

Details of a new GAO report further proof additional care programs are needed

On a day the Government Accountability Office hears details of why the Department of Veterans Affairs is failing to report 90 percent of poor-performing doctors to national and state databases, a local veteran tells KDLT news that he’s incredibly grateful for a new program being launched by Sanford Health for veterans. “It’s long overdue,” he said. Sanford Health announced earlier…

Cover Crops for a Healthier 2018 Harvest

A South Dakota grower explains why her family has started using the sustainable practice

Local farmer Jaime Johnson from Frankfort, South Dakota, talks about why her family is investing in cover crops each fall and how she feels the practice only benefits their fields come springtime. Categories: KDLT News Today, KDLT News Today Interviews Tags: cover crops, Frankfort, South Dakota Soybean, south dakota soybean farmers

Why You May Not Want to Click “Purchase” Just Yet

Chris Prendergast explains what "retargeting" is in this week's Wired Wednesday segment, and how it can work for you

Sometimes you will look at a product, or add it to your shopping cart, and then leave a website. And suddenly, you start seeing ads for that product all around the web. This is called “retargeting”. While some find the practice invasive and stalker-like, there can be benefits to it. Oftentimes e-commerce sites will use retargeting to give an extra…

The Importance of Supporting Small Businesses Year Round

Small Business Saturday has come and gone, why local entrepreneurs need your ongoing support

Small Business Saturday saw an incredible turnout throughout the Sioux Empire this November. But it’s just the start of an important season for small businesses, one that is often vital to their success. From service providers to retail storefronts and more, Jeff Eckhoff from the South Dakota Small Business Development Center encourages South Dakotans to learn more about the small…

Best Advice for Giving Any Time of Year

This #GivingTuesday, some important questions to ask yourself before donating

There are hundreds, if not thousands of organizations and charities doing great work throughout the Sioux Empire and across the globe. How do you decide where to best put your money if you are feeling philanthropic? There is one important question to ask yourself, according to Regina Jahr,  the Vice President for Development at the Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation….

Why the Holidays Can Trigger Depression

Be willing to sincerely check on loved ones you're worried about, experts say

There are a lot of factors this time of year that might trigger depression. The lack of daylight, loved ones lost, financial struggles to keep up with the expectations of gift giving, and parties you don’t really feel like going to can all come crashing in on someone already struggling around the holidays. In fact, the combination of factors can…

Water Main Break Shuts Down Avera Prairie Center

Officials advise calling ahead before traveling to Avera Cancer Institute and Avera Surgery Center

City crews are working to fix a water main break at Avera Health’s Prairie Center, which includes the Avera Cancer Institute in Sioux Falls and the Avera Surgery Center. The facilities will be closed Tuesday, November 28 while repairs are made. According to officials at Avera, this includes all clinics and events scheduled at the Prairie Center on Tuesday. Before…

Out and About with Addie Graham-Kramer

Check out the events happening this week in and around the Sioux Empire

Curious what might be going on throughout the region each week? Exhausted trying to keep up with events you’d love to go to but don’t know to put on your calendar? From career-related connections to nights out on the town with friends and events for the whole family, Addie Graham-Kramer will be joining us in the KDLT News studio with…