Author: Carleen Wild

Autumn Festival Features Hundreds of Vendors

One-of-a-kind handmade products among countless items for sale in Sioux Falls this weekend

The annual show attracts more than 500 vendors from over 30 states selling one-of-a-kind handmade items. The exhibitors will be at the Sioux Falls Arena and Convention Center Friday, October 27 through Sunday, October 29. Categories: KDLT News Today, KDLT News Today Interviews Tags: arts festival, craft fair, Huffman Productions, Sioux Falls

Why Protection Orders Often Don’t Work

Local victims advocacy organization shares how family, friends can help a loved one in trouble

Michelle Markgraf from the Sioux Falls based Compass Center talks about the tragic loss of a young mother from Mitchell, why 36-year-old Marie Brinker may have let her husband come back home even after filing a protection order, and the resources available for families facing a situation of domestic violence. Brinker suffocated after having a sock stuffed in her mouth,…

A Safer Halloween for Seniors

Local visiting nurse service offers advice for family members

It can be a real treat for seniors still living at home, to see and interact with children during Halloween. But All Hallows’ Eve can sometimes be more frightening than fun for those living with vision, memory, or other challenges. Visiting Angels in Sioux Falls stopped by the KDLT news studio with suggestions for a safe night of trick-or-treaters coming…

Where You Should Be Putting Your Money

A local financial adviser says too many people are losing out in one area especially

Brock Hyde of Hyline Wealth, a local investment firm, offers insights into the stock market and what you might do with your money as the Dow reaches record highs. He adds too many people are missing out on matching funds with their 401k, because they aren’t investing anything in the first place. He also talks about why it may be…

3 Fun Halloween Projects for the Family

Event specialist Addie Graham-Kramer joins KDLT in studio with these easy seasonal treats

Ghosts to give away, spider sandwiches, and decked out pumpkins are just a few of the fun and easy projects you might tackle with the family to get into the Halloween spirit. Event specialist Addie Graham-Kramer stopped into the KDLT studios Wednesday to give a quick how-to! Categories: KDLT News Today, KDLT News Today Interviews Tags: Addie Graham-Kramer, Crafts, DIY,…

3 Easy, Effective Strength Training Moves

Whether you're at home or at the gym, these moves are worth fitting into your day

One of the most important elements of a healthy body and a good workout is strength training. Yet so few seem to take advantage of the incredible opportunities to incorporate weights into their daily routine, either at home, or the gym. Fitness instructor Greta Gildemeister joined us in the studio from Great Life Fitness in Sioux Falls to talk about…

Box It Up! Great Halloween Costume Ideas

A great imagination, some paint, and an hour may be all you need

If you’ve searched for the perfect Halloween costume but haven’t found anything yet, or you’re just not willing to spend a lot of money on the holiday but you still want to have fun, consider one of these ideas from Two Men and a Truck. Categories: KDLT News Today, KDLT News Today Interviews Tags: boxes, costumes, halloween, Two Men and…

Busy Pheasant Season Ahead Despite Predictions of Lackluster Hunt

Pheasants Forever encourages hunters need to keep at it, birds are out there

Matt Morlock with Pheasants Forever joined KDLT in studio Friday to preview the opening of the 2017 Pheasant Hunting Season. He acknowledged the numbers are down but said the birds are out there, hunters may just need to stay at it longer given the reduced population and that many of the corn fields have yet to be harvested so they’ve…

Spooky Seas Event

Butterfly House and Marine Cove closing early Friday to transform into a Halloween spectacular for all ages

Friday, October 20th from 5:30p-8:30p, the Sioux Falls Butterfly House & Marine Cove will turn into Sea of Spookiness. The family friendly event is the center’s 6th annual Halloween celebration. Kids of all ages are invited to dress up and go on a Treasure Hunt throughout the facility in the quest for buried treasure. Tickets are required and it is suggested…

What If You Were Really Put to the Test?

Local attorney, Carolyn Thompson, shares the fight of her life in the hopes of inspiring others

Carolyn Thompson was stunned to learn from her doctor that she might only have six to eight weeks to live after being diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. She is currently in remission and still actively receiving treatments, but when she can, she is sharing her story in the hopes of reminding others to live their lives to the fullest. She…

Fostering Growth of Women in Agriculture

South Dakota organization promotes professional development and personal down-time

They are an integral part of the operations on countless farms throughout South Dakota, yet women in farming are often an unrecognized part of the team getting things done and making business-related decisions. In an effort to promote women in farming, their role in the operations, their knowledge of industry trends, and to promote taking a little down time, South…

Local Theatre Company Performs “The Witches”

Recently renovated Sioux Empire Community Theatre to host the spooky fall production

The Sioux Empire Community Theatre group has an incredibly busy calendar the rest of 2017, practicing for and performing on average, one play per month. And it doesn’t end there. For more on the fall line-up, including this month’s performance of “The Witches”, click the link above. Categories: KDLT News Today, KDLT News Today Interviews Tags: community theatre, Roald Dahl,…

The Art of Rosemaling

Local woman hopes to teach future generations about the craft

Eileen Halverson is never sure who might show up, but every month, she gathers her painting materials and heads to the Old Courthouse Museum in downtown Sioux Falls to demonstrate a tradition unique to her heritage – Rosemaling. She is there from 1 p.m. – 4 p.m. on Tuesday, October 17. Click the link above to learn more about Eileen…

Fostering Entrepreneurship Throughout Sioux Empire

As one local resource closes its doors, a reminder there are numerous other support networks

As the doors officially close on The Bakery, a well-known local resource for budding entrepreneurs and others looking to network and grow their businesses, others working in this realm are reminding the community they are here and excited to help you build your brand. Wendy Dooley with the Zeal Center for Entrepreneurship and local entrepreneur, Will Bushee spoke with KDLT…

Bountiful Grape Harvest for Wineries in South Dakota

Strawbale is celebrating a "huge" 2017 harvest this weekend with fall wine festival

Games, discounts, pumpkin painting, food vendors, and live music will all be part of the fall Harvest Festival at Strawbale Winery this second weekend of October. Owner Don South joined KDLT on Friday to talk about the harvest, the festival, and Categories: KDLT News Today, KDLT News Today Interviews Tags: grapes, Harvest festival, south dakota, Strawbale, wine, wineries

Spooky Science Event at Washington Pavilion

A glimpse of Super Second Saturday events with the Kirby Science Discovery Center

  The Kirby Science Discovery Center will be transformed this weekend into a spooky spectacular for families courageous enough to come out. Actually, it won’t be scary at all, rather fascinating for young and old minds alike. Click on the link above for a preview of some of the fun organizers have planned for this Second Saturday downtown event, or…

National Farmer’s Day

If you're so inclined and have the chance on Thursday, October 12, you're encouraged to #thankafarmer

National Farmer’s Day is Thursday, October 12th. The day has traditionally been a day to recognize farmers and thank them for all of their endless hard work. Holly Behrens, the Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce Agri-Businesses Specialist spoke with KDLT about the significance of the ag sector in South Dakota, where there’s room for growth, and the upcoming Sioux Empire…

What’s In that Pumpkin Spice Latte

Dietician explains why the coffee drinks we love might only be an occasional indulgence

Pumpkin spice everything is back – and not just the famed Starbucks latte. Shakes, iced coffees, and other fall treats have taken over the menus at countless fast food chains and coffee shops nationwide. Since 2015, when pumpkin spiced foods and beverages were estimated to have brought in over $500 million in sales nationwide, our love for them has only…

Most Powerful Foods to Pack for Lunch

Avoid that struggle to stay awake in the middle of the afternoon

You get plenty of sleep, you know that’s not the problem. So why do you keep dozing off at your desk in the middle of the afternoon? Try getting serious about what you’re having for lunch each day. A protein packed meal, or even just some smart snacks, can help keep you and your family stay focused and awake. Check…

Introducing Your Daughter to Girl Scouts

Series of open houses set for Sioux Falls and surrounding areas in October

If you or your daughter has ever been curious to learn more about the Girl Scouts and what participation in the organization means, now may be the time. The Girl Scouts – Dakota Horizons is holding a series of parent information nights throughout the region. Each event offers a glimpse into scouting activities, first patches, and time for questions with…