Wired Wednesday

Wired Wednesday: Online Reviews

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – In this edition of ‘Wired Wednesday,’ we visit the importance of an online review. Recently, Red Hen restaurants around the globe are fielding emotions ranging from praise to anger and the reviews that come along with it, after one lone independent Red Hen in Lexington Virginia refused to serve the White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee…

Wired Wednesday: Gaming Addiction Among Teens

World Health Organization Declares 'Gaming Addiction' A Mental Health Issue

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Earlier this year the World Health Organization declared gaming addiction a mental health condition. Will Bushee stopped by for another edition of Wired Wednesday talking gaming and online addictions among teens, well as a brand new summer cyber camp coming up ‘Cyber Patriot.’ For more information on the free camp, click here.   Categories: Health, KDLT…

3 Smart Technologies to Help Your Lawn and Garden

From a better watering system to being able to finally identify the plants around your place, Chris Prendergast, Chief Strategy Officer with Click Rain and colleague, Kristina Johnson, join us for this week’s Wired Wednesday. The two outline the benefits of garden technologies and why even die-hard traditional gardeners might consider giving them a try. Categories: KDLT News Today, KDLT News…

Why Kids Are Logging Off of Facebook

And where they're now fairly constantly logged into

This may not surprise all that many parents or tech users in general, but 45 percent of teens now say they are online “almost constantly.” Where they are logged into though, is changing.  A new survey reveals that Facebook use has decreased in popularity among America’s teenagers! Find out where they’re spending time and what advice one of our tech…

Young Women Entering Cyber Security Field in Numbers Hard to Believe

“It’s unprecedented across the country,” said Dr. Ashley Podhradsky, an Associate Professor of Information Assurance and Forensics with Dakota State University. She, along with her colleague, Dr. Pam Rowland and student Kelley Criddle spoke with KDLT News in this week’s Wired Wednesday segment about the rapid rise in young women enrolling in majors including computer science, cyber operations, and network security and administration at DSU….

Wired Wednesday: Taking Deliveries to New Heights

Where will we truly see drones entering our every day in the future?

Drone delivery service, according to the Federal Aviation Administration, could be coming to your home in the near future. But will it really? What the future of drone service and use looks like along with the opportunities and potential privacy issues and concerns over their widespread use, in this week’s edition of Wired Wednesday with Will Bushee. Categories: KDLT News…

Wired Wednesdays: What to Watch for in 2018

From chat-bots to self-driving cars, big changes may be coming, ready or not

That television you just bought, are you aware of how much it is capable of? Or the cars coming onto area lots, what will they soon feature? Will Bushee, Vice-President of the data mining company Bright Planet, co-founder of Code Bootcamp of South Dakota and author of Wired for Coding, offers up the changes he thinks we’ll see in 2018….

Wired Wednesday: 3 Best Apps for a Healthier New Year

What meditation, gratitude, and audio books can do for your overall health

Carla White is back this first week of January 2018 with why you should log into Headspace, Audible and Gratitude. They are apps, she says, that will help set the stage for a mindful, healthy, and inspiring new year. Categories: KDLT News Today, KDLT News Today Interviews, Wired Wednesday Tags: apps, Audible, Carla White, Gratitude, Headspace, health, New Year

Wired Wednesday: How Much More Can Your New Smart Speaker Can Do?

If all you're asking Alexa for is the forecast, you're missing out

Will Bushee of BrightPlanet and Wired for Coding explains how the new smart speaker in your home is so much more sophisticated than we give it credit for and how to take advantage of its capabilities. Below, he also addresses the concerns users might have over privacy issues. Categories: KDLT News Today, KDLT News Today Interviews, Wired Wednesday Tags: Alexa,…

Wired Wednesdays: 5 Ways to Stay Virtually Connected Over the Holidays

From Google Hangout to Postagram - family and friends are just a click away

Not everyone has the luxury of family nearby or the ability to travel long distances over the holidays to see loved ones. For those left wanting to connect but with miles between, there are incredible resources now to do just that. In this week’s edition of Wired Wednesdays, Chris Prendergast of Click Rain offers five easy ways to virtually spend…

Wired Wednesday: Carla White on the Addictiveness of Social Media

Despite Facebook denying any problems, a growing chorus of voices is raising concerns

Facebook’s first president, Sean Parker, recently said that the social media platform exploits a “vulnerability in human psychology” to addict its users. And he’s not the only one sounding the alarm right now. A former Facebook vice president, also recently told an audience at Stanford that the company is “ripping apart the social fabric of how society works.” Carla White,…

Wired Wednesday: Great Tech Gifts for Kids

Will Bushee from BrightPlanet and Code Bootcamp offers a few ideas for the holidays

If your child is into gaming and technology, and you’re lost in the dark on great gift ideas for the holidays, we’ve got a few options for you. While there are hundreds of great options out there, Will Bushee of BrightPlanet and Code Bootcamp joined us with a few suggestions. Click on the link above for our interview with Will….