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Why You May Not Want to Click “Purchase” Just Yet

Chris Prendergast explains what "retargeting" is in this week's Wired Wednesday segment, and how it can work for you

Sometimes you will look at a product, or add it to your shopping cart, and then leave a website. And suddenly, you start seeing ads for that product all around the web. This is called “retargeting”. While some find the practice invasive and stalker-like, there can be benefits to it. Oftentimes e-commerce sites will use retargeting to give an extra…

The Importance of Supporting Small Businesses Year Round

Small Business Saturday has come and gone, why local entrepreneurs need your ongoing support

Small Business Saturday saw an incredible turnout throughout the Sioux Empire this November. But it’s just the start of an important season for small businesses, one that is often vital to their success. From service providers to retail storefronts and more, Jeff Eckhoff from the South Dakota Small Business Development Center encourages South Dakotans to learn more about the small…

Best Advice for Giving Any Time of Year

This #GivingTuesday, some important questions to ask yourself before donating

There are hundreds, if not thousands of organizations and charities doing great work throughout the Sioux Empire and across the globe. How do you decide where to best put your money if you are feeling philanthropic? There is one important question to ask yourself, according to Regina Jahr,  the Vice President for Development at the Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation….

Why the Holidays Can Trigger Depression

Be willing to sincerely check on loved ones you're worried about, experts say

There are a lot of factors this time of year that might trigger depression. The lack of daylight, loved ones lost, financial struggles to keep up with the expectations of gift giving, and parties you don’t really feel like going to can all come crashing in on someone already struggling around the holidays. In fact, the combination of factors can…

Out and About with Addie Graham-Kramer

Check out the events happening this week in and around the Sioux Empire

Curious what might be going on throughout the region each week? Exhausted trying to keep up with events you’d love to go to but don’t know to put on your calendar? From career-related connections to nights out on the town with friends and events for the whole family, Addie Graham-Kramer will be joining us in the KDLT News studio with…

Interstate 29 Bridge at Dell Rapids Set to Reopen

The Department of Transportation sets a preliminary deadline for the week of November 27

As one major road construction project near Dell Rapids wraps up, two more that will have a significant impact on travel and access to the city’s downtown get set to start. We talked with the City Administrator for Dell Rapids, Justin Weiland, about the opportunities for residents and visitors with the new bridge reopening. We also got details on what…

Mason Jar Boutique Storefront Key to Growth

Owner Katie Luttmann shares how her small town small business took off once she had a brick and mortar location

Katie Luttmann says her online clothing boutique was doing okay when she started her business in 2014. But the Mason Jar Boutique just wasn’t catching on like she thought it would. So she found a cozy little storefront in her new hometown of Dell Rapids and opened an actual brick and mortar location. Luttmann hasn’t looked back since. Why she…

Best Way to Burn Off those Holiday Calories

Enjoy yourself this Thanksgiving but here's why you may want to hold off on extra helpings

If you plan on taking a leisurely stroll to burn off your Thanksgiving meal, think again! According to the Calorie Control Council, the average American consumes about 3,000 calories on Thanksgiving. That means a 180-pound adult would have to walk for nine hours to burn off that one meal! If you pick up the pace and run, it would take about…

2017 South Dakota Soybean Harvest

A third straight record year of production may mean ongoing shift of crops

The late rains we saw in both July and August helped many South Dakota soybean farmers produce another record crop in 2017. Moving forward, the high yield and return may mean we’ll see acreages continue to expand in the state, as more farmers get into the crop due to its success. Global demand for the product continues to rise as do…

First Woman Ever to Create an App Local to Sioux Falls

How The Gratitude App came to be and why it's about more than giving thanks

Carla Kay White is a South Dakota native. She has traveled the world and worked in some incredible positions. But it’s what brought her back home to South Dakota that set her off on a new path of app creation and teaching others how to do it. Carla joined us in the KDLT studios on Wednesday with more on the…

Feeding South Dakota Matching Donation Challenge

While South Dakota has helped restock very empty shelves recently, the need only grows

CEO of Feeding South Dakota Matt Gassen says the need in the Sioux Empire continues to grow as families struggle to put food on the table along with the other necessities. Especially this time of year. Shelves were nearly empty just a few weeks ago, and the region really stepped up to help restock the basics. Thanks as well to…

Workplace Chaplaincy Brings New Approach to Employee Wellness

Local businesses recognizing the need for a program like Corporate Care

Corporate Care launched four years ago in Sioux Falls as local pastor James Swanson recognized the need to reach people where they were at the majority of time – work. Since then, the business has only continued to grow as word of mouth has more businesses contacting the three now on staff. For more information, watch our interview with Swanson,…

What’s Going On: The Event Company

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Every Monday, we want to get you ready for the week ahead with a list of events happening not only here in Sioux Falls, but throughout the region. Addie Graham-Kramer, president of the Event Company joined us this morning for this week’s events.   Categories: Community, KDLT News Today, KDLT News Today – Top Stories, KDLT…

DIY Inviting Home Decor for the Holidays

An expert with Cliff Avenue Greenhouse shares some secrets of the trade

Decorating your home for winter doesn’t have to be intimidating, a ton of work, or expensive. Florist Jamie Ogle from Cliff Avenue Greenhouse East shares some tips for decorating with live greenery this holiday season and if you’re unsure about tackling a project yourself, the business is hosting a winter container workshop on Sunday, November 19. Categories: KDLT News Today,…

Holiday Fashion Trends with J. Ella Boutique

Midwest fashion is often understated but this season is all about adding a little sparkle

From velvet leggings to fur lined accessories, accent jewelry, and glamorous sequined crop tops, you can’t go wrong with some fun combination of them this holiday season. Jael Thorpe of J.Ella Boutique in both Sioux Falls and Brookings shares what she sees as the overall fashion trends for the 2017 holiday season. Categories: KDLT News Today, KDLT News Today Interviews…

Best Advice for Thanksgiving – The 2 Bite Rule

Your body can only handle so much, avoid overstuffing yourself

Tiffany Krogstad, a registered dietician with Sanford Cardiovascular Institute, talks about her best advice for all when it comes to those big feasts we’re often able to indulge in during the holiday season. She shares what a healthy meal should look like. Categories: KDLT News Today, KDLT News Today Interviews Tags: holidays, Thanksgiving

5 Easy Ways to Battle Holiday Weight Gain

There may not be snow on the ground yet, but winter can be a fun time to fit in exercise

Sledding, ice skating, and taking a walk with the whole family are just a few ways to fit in some exercise and have fun throughout the winter months. Brittany Gorres-Martens, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Exercise and Sports Sciences at Augustana University, joined us at Tuthill Park with her five best recommendations to get moving this time of year and why…

3 Great Options for Gluten Free Thanksgiving Sides

Fit Chick Annie Mello prepares dishes she says the whole family will love

The holidays can be a tough time of year for those on a restricted diet, there are just too many temptations that can have you caving in and regretting it later. So for those who need to go gluten free, Fit Chick Annie Mello offers some tasty new takes on traditional Thanksgiving side dishes. Categories: KDLT News Today, KDLT News…

New Tech Segment Launches on KDLT News Today

Meet the team that will be featured each Wednesday on the issues and opportunities surrounding emerging technologies

KDLT is excited to partner with Will Bushee of Bright Planet and Code Bootcamp, Carla White, app creator and author if “Idea to iPhone”, and Chris Prendergast, with Click Rain, on a new weekly segment looking at the technology affecting and enhancing our every day lives. The series will run every Wednesday during the 6 a.m. hour. From an inspector for…

An Easy Up-Do for the Holidays

Fringe Salon offers this simple style that takes you from work to event-ready in 3 quick, easy steps

Co-owners of Fringe Salon in Sioux Falls, Janna Meyer and Bekah Hauert, show one easy hairstyle that gives you a little more glam for those holiday parties. Categories: KDLT News Today – Top Stories, KDLT News Today Interviews Tags: Fringe Salon, glam, hairstyles, holiday parties, Sioux Falls