Company Creates T-Shirt To Bring Back Zip Feed Mill Moment

Proceeds Will Benefit Same Charity As 'Boom' Raffle Tickets

Just the mention of the Zip Feed Mill takes many of us back to that cold December day back in 2005, when the building was supposed to be demolished. While the building where Cherapa Place now stands is long gone, a t-shirt company is hoping to remind people of that historical moment in downtown Sioux Falls.

Tattoo Artist Offers Help To Victim Of Domestic Violence

"I couldn't believe that someone could do something like that..."

It’s been one week since police arrested a Sioux Falls man for assaulting his pregnant ex-girlfriend. Authorities say Tony Ledbetter beat the woman, then used a scissors to cut off her nipples. Horrified by the incident, the community has been reaching out to the victim, wanting to know how they can help. One man is hoping a little art can make a big difference.