Pierre Businesses Rally Behind Law Enforcement

Guadalajara, Korner Grocery Hope To Inspire Communities

Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant in Pierre fed local law enforcement like family on Tuesday afternoon and The “Korner Grocery Challenge” encourages other businesses around Pierre to show their own support for state law enforcement.

New Initiative Intended To Improve Downtown Summer Safety

SFPD: 'Pedestrian and foot traffic is everywhere.'

If you’re on social media at all and follow the Sioux Falls Police Department or Downtown Sioux Falls, you’ll be seeing a new slogan. ‘Slow Down Through Downtown’ will be used a lot this month on both their Twitter and Facebook Pages. Police say they’ll also be increasing bike, foot and traffic patrols to help make the area safer.

Iowa Gun, Ammo Manufacturer Taking Questions Following Orlando Shooting

CEO Says Company Is No Stranger To Threats, Wants To Inform The Public

Following the deadliest mass shooting in our nation’s history, an Iowa based gun and ammo manufacturer says they want to have a civil conversation with the public. They plan to answer questions regarding the second amendment.