Unoccupied Semi Hits 6 Cars, Building In Sioux Falls

Police believe the brakes failed, sending the semi down a hill

Sioux Falls Police say a semi with an attached trailer was parked on 37th Street as part of maintenance work being done at Augustana University’s football stadium. They say the brakes failed, sending the semi down a hill and into the Good Samaritan Society building.

Rebekah’s Wish: Help Another Sick Kid Before She Dies

9-year-old Rebekah Spader wants to give another kid a Make-A-Wish

The Spader family is doing everything they can for their 9-year-old Rebekah. After deciding to stop treatments in March for Myelodysplastic Syndrome, Rebekah has made a bucket list. And her biggest wish on that list would make any parent proud: to give another kid a Make-A-Wish.

A Special Prom Brings Students Together With Seniors

O'Gorman holds the prom at Prince of Peace Retirement Community

A group of students from O’Gorman High School in Sioux Falls is giving new meaning to “Senior Prom.” Students put their dresses and suits on for a special prom night. They spent the evening dancing with senior citizens at Avera Prince of Peace Retirement Community.