Updating Downtown Development Standards

When it comes to building in downtown Sioux Falls, The City uses design guidelines put in place in 1995.With those being more than 20 years old, city leaders feel an update is needed to draw more people to the area.To help with the process, they hired two consultants from Colorado.

Marsy’s Law Blocking Crime Information From Being Released

South Dakota voters said yes to Constitutional Amendment S or Marsy’s Law on Election Day. The amendment is aimed at protecting the rights of victims and their family members. At first, law enforcement officials weren’t quite sure how it would affect the amount of information they are able to release to the public. Now we’re learning just how much.

Two Children Ejected From Car During Crash

Both were transported to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries

Two children, approximately 2-3 years old were ejected from a car involved in an accident at the intersection of 17th Street and South Cliff Avenue.According to Sioux Falls Police, the car was traveling south on Cliff Avenue around 2:15 Tuesday, ran a red light and ran into a second car.

Augustana University Weighs In On OSU Attack

The Director of Safety mimics the message: run, hide, fight

When events like the attack at Ohio State University happen, those in charge of security on school campuses across the nation reflect, thinking ‘what would we have done if this incident happened to us’.At Augustana University, they say their response would be very similar to those in Columbus — with the first action being inform the students on what is happening.