Pause the Wi-Fi? A Break Down of Alexa’s Latest Upgrades

Wired Wednesday regular, Will Bushee offers insights into what you might love with this latest software

Amazon recently announced a slew of upgrades to Alexa’s technology arsenal – all designed to make your life easier and better connected. Getting the most attention might be a clock, at least on the surface. Some of the other improvements however, you may truly love. Will Bushee explains. Categories: Agriculture, KDLT News Today, KDLT News Today – Top Stories, Local…

Wired Wednesday December 19: Last-Minute Tech Gift Ideas

Two of our tech experts offer some easy, user-friendly and affordable options

If you’re struggling yet to find just the right gift for the tech lover in your life, two of our tech experts, Will Bushee and Chris Prendergast, offer up some easy finds. Some additional advice from Bushee: If you are buying tech gifts for parents, open them up and set them up on THEIR wifi before sending/delivering them. If you…

Wired Wednesday: How Much More Can Your New Smart Speaker Can Do?

If all you're asking Alexa for is the forecast, you're missing out

Will Bushee of BrightPlanet and Wired for Coding explains how the new smart speaker in your home is so much more sophisticated than we give it credit for and how to take advantage of its capabilities. Below, he also addresses the concerns users might have over privacy issues. Categories: KDLT News Today, KDLT News Today Interviews, Wired Wednesday