Where Are Your Kids Spending Time Online?

Parents, if you don't know, there are 15 apps you might want to investigate

It can be tough staying on top of your own activity online, so to make time to check in on what your kids might be sharing or doing can be tough. It may even feel invasive. But it’s important, tech and social media experts like Carla White and law enforcement are reminding us.   Just this week, police in Charleston,…

Restaurant Claims They Appeared On Delivery Apps Without Permission

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. -With snowy weather on the way, it can be tempting to stay home and order-in. Food delivery apps offer convenience, but one Sioux Falls family business says these apps cause more of a headache. It’s busy during lunch hour at The Keg Chicken, where they’ve been serving up warm chicken for 40 years. While employees are used…

Wired Wednesday: The Best Apps to Teach or Translate a New Language

Learning a new language is never all that easy, especially if you’re starting as an adult. But these apps and translators will have you talking like a local across the globe, or at least more comfortably mingling among them, in no time. Categories: KDLT News Today, KDLT News Today Interviews, Local News, News Tags: apps, Chris Prendergast, Click Rain, language…

Wired Wednesday: 3 Best Apps for a Healthier New Year

What meditation, gratitude, and audio books can do for your overall health

Carla White is back this first week of January 2018 with why you should log into Headspace, Audible and Gratitude. They are apps, she says, that will help set the stage for a mindful, healthy, and inspiring new year. Categories: KDLT News Today, KDLT News Today Interviews, Wired Wednesday Tags: apps, Audible, Carla White, Gratitude, Headspace, health, New Year

Harrisburg School District Stays Proactive With Technology

Harrisburg Schools now adding Apple Classroom to monitor what students are viewing

HARRISBURG, S.D. – The Harrisburg School District is evolving with ever-changing technology. Five years ago, the district started using iPads and personal computers in the classroom. Three years ago, the district allowed students to bring and use their own devices from home for use in school. In the very near future, all students will be using the very same technology…