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Make a List and Stick To It: Your Best Black Friday Shopping Advice

If you're on a budget - perhaps some of the most important holiday shopping tips we can give

It can be a tough spot – you’ve got a lot of family and friends to buy for this holiday season and little in the bank to get it done. Do you rack up that credit card a little further, because you’ll try and pay it off soon? Or set a budget for yourself? Christina Lynn of Lynn Financial offers…

Should You Give Your Teen a Credit Card?

Increasingly, parents are allowing kids to have credit cards purely out of convenience – you don’t have to be with them to help fill up the car with gas and you can make sure they’re fed. But with the rewards, come risks for both parents and teens. Financial expert, Christina Lynn of Lynn Financial outlines some potential pitfalls for your…

Best Tips to Dine with Children (on a Budget)

Actually, if you're on a budget, why financial experts recommend you don't eat out

Fall often means your family is constantly on the go – you’ve got sports, after school activities and family outings that leave you little time to think, let alone eat. But if all of the running has you dining out more than you’d like, spending more money and possibly even gaining more weight than you might appreciate, Christina Lynn of…

Money Goals? Do These 3 If You’re Serious About Reaching Them

Christina Lynn of Lynn Financial is adamant – write down your goals and be specific about them. Without that, you are far less likely to succeed. And she wants you to find success. Here’s what else she recommends to reach important financial milestones. Categories: KDLT News Today – Top Stories, KDLT News Today Interviews, News, South Dakota

Financial Lessons We Can All Learn From Natural Disasters

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – It’s been a tough year here in South Dakota, and across the nation when it comes to natural disasters. We’ve experienced a lot of flooding locally, and recovering from that can really take a huge financial toll on a family. Christina Lynn of Lynn Financial joined us with what we might all learn from these recent…

Best Way to Borrow Wisely, College Students

If you've got to take out a loan, some sage advice for doing so, including - finish your degree!

If you’ve got to borrow money for college, be smart about it, Christina Lynn says. The financial advisor outlines just how much school debt we have as a nation, the average payment per month, what it’s doing to our kids, and her best advice to stay out of deep debt. Money tips for student loans: Take out the least amount…

What to Do with Your Money Amid Recession Fears

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Wall Street has rallied as the President, and his top economic advisors, work to reassure the American public, and the world, that our economy is strong. But not everyone is sold. A growing number of economists are predicting a significant downturn within the next two years. So, where does that leave us? Christina Lynn, of Lynn…

Why You Shouldn’t Buy New If You’re on a Budget

New vehicles not only cost a pretty penny these days, their value also depreciates quickly once you leave the lot

You may feel like you can stretch that brand new car payment into your monthly bills, but oftentimes that’s when we really get ourselves into trouble. If it’s a stretch at all, don’t buy new, says financial expert, Christina Lynn of Lynn Financial. Instead, buy something cheaper, used and that will last. And then, she adds, put your money where…

Why You Shouldn’t Keep the House

A financial consultant's best advice for those going through a divorce

There are some incredibly important life and financial lessons those who have been through a divorce, especially with kids, will share. Among them, protect your assets. To do that, however, you may have to do some things you feel are counterproductive. Christina Lynn, of Lynn Financial, has learned this all too well, having gone through the process herself. One of…

4 Ways to Look Like a Million Dollars on a Budget

Financial consultant Christina Lynn shares her secrets to great style

Don’t have a ton of money to update your wardrobe? No problem. In fact, most of our closets could use an overhaul. And Christina Lynn of Lynn Financial shares her four best kept secrets for looking stylish without breaking the bank. Categories: KDLT News Today, KDLT News Today Interviews, Local News, News

Five Best Ways to Easily Travel on a Budget

Hit the road and the destinations you want with this easy to implement advice

Financial expert Christina Lynn says she hears all the time from clients and friends that they feel they can’t afford to travel. Not the case, she says. You’ve just got to be willing to maybe do things a little differently if you want to sincerely hit the road. She details in the interview below her top 5 ways to travel…

How to Handle All of That Gift Money, Grads

Financial consultant Christina Lynn shares 3 tips for college bound, or life bound kids

We know all of the money in hand can be tempting, graduates! But if you’d really like to get a good head start on the next stage of your life, don’t spend all of the gifts you just received for graduation! Financial advisor, Christina Lynn of Lynn Financial offers this advice instead.   Categories: KDLT News Today, KDLT News Today…

Best Financial Advice for Buying a Home

Local financial expert shares four important tips she says will save you in the long run

If you’re in the market at all for new home, you have to know that it has been a seller’s market in the Sioux Falls metro area and the surrounding regions for years. With more people moving to South Dakota, land and properties are at a premium right now. That can make buying or financing a new home or an…

The Best Way to Handle Those Unfinished Taxes

If you hate doing taxes and put it off until the last minute, you’re not doing it right, says personal finance expert, Christina Lynn, of Lynn Financial. The biggest mistakes she says people make include people not understanding the fees involved when they sign up for a tax refund advance, fearing the IRS, and not educating themselves on the tax system….

5 Financial Questions to Ask Before Tying the Knot

It is perhaps one of the most important conversations to have with a significant other, yet one of those we tend to avoid at all costs as we prepare to spend the rest of our lives, homes and finances with another person. Personal finance expert, Christina Lynn of Lynn Financial, outlines the five most important financial discussions to have before…