South Dakota Farmers Union in Washington, D.C.

KDLT News Exclusive Coverage

Our coverage continues from Washington DC this week as we explore legislation that will influence Ag producers. We are talking with some of the top officials including the U.S. Agriculture Secretary. KDLT’s Jack Eble wrapped up the first full day of work in Washington, D.C. as he joined the South Dakota Farmers Union as they made their first couple stops….

Survey: Keepers Experience Lowest Winter Honeybee Losses In More Than A Decade

More Work To Do According To Adee Honey Farms: 'We're still losing six-fold higher that what was our baseline for decades."

For nearly two decades, the Honeybee population across the nation has been on the decline. However, there is some positive buzz among beekeepers as they experienced their lowest losses this past winter in more than a decade. But as KDLT’s Jill Johnson explains, they’re not exactly celebrating. “Some people don’t like Dandelions, but I think they’re the coolest plant. The…

South Dakota Corn And Soybean Crops Set Records In 2016

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP)– South Dakota farmers last year produced record and soybean crops. The Agriculture Department says in its crop production summary that South Dakota’s corn crop totaled 826 million bushels, up 3 percent from 2015. The state’s soybean crop totaled 256 million bushels, up 9 percent. The state’s alfalfa, sorghum, oil sunflower, proso millet and flaxseed crops all…

Hungry For Truth Farmers Talk About Families’ Futures

In a constantly changing world of technology, the farming industry has to keep up. Watch the video above to hear from farmer Matt Bainbridge about how farming families are preparing for the future. For more information about Hungry for Truth, click here. Categories: KDLT News Today, KDLT News Today – Top Stories, KDLT News Today Interviews, Local News, News, News…