South Dakota Farmers Applaud Trump’s Decision to Lift Summer Ban on E15

SALEM, S.D.-  It’s been a tough year for farmers economically. “We have a surplus and with the trade wars going on we need to find another outlet for our corn,” said Kurt Stiefvater, a Salem Farmer. However, Salem Farmer, Kurt Stiefvater is one of many farmers in South Dakota who are feeling hopeful. Especially after President Trump announced his plan…

South Dakota Company Helps Farmers In Africa

In four years, 77,000 African farmers have seen an increase in their crop yields

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – What started as a mission trip has turned into an overseas partnership. Two non-profits, one in Sioux Falls and one in Africa, are working together to help Kenyan farmers become more proficient. The growth is being seen beyond the crops. With advanced technology, like drones and GPS, it’s no secret that South Dakota farmers are proficient….