South dakota democratic party

State GOP Weighs In on Dem Party Resignations, Hemp Canvassing, Impeachment Inquiry

Democratic Party declines ongoing opportunity to provide a spokesperson on current events

For the better part of the past year, KDLT News Today has worked to consistently address, even briefly, current events in politics and provide context on relevant issues, both local and national. This is a segment we worked to bring to our morning show through numerous conversations with party leaders, and ultimately through an agreement with both the Democratic Party…

Political Pundits Discuss Epstein Arrest, Borglum Announcement

Thoughts from the SD GOP and Dems on recent events this July 9

Dave Roetman, the State Finance Director for the South Dakota GOP and Aaron Matson, the Communications Director for the state Democratic Party,  discuss some of the bigger political issues before voters both on the state and national level. This week, they look at the national Fourth of July celebration and the fallout, the arrest of Jeff Epstein and political implications,…

2019 Legislative Wins and Losses for South Dakota

GOP and Dem pundits weigh in on what lawmakers got done

The 2019 Legislative Session wrapped up early this past week, due in part, to a massive winter storm bearing down on the state. With the weather dominating the headlines since, we’ve heard little about the biggest and perhaps most interesting legislation to come out of this year’s assembly. Dave Roetman with the South Dakota Republican Party and Sam Parkinson with…

South Dakota Democrats Name New Executive Director

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) – The South Dakota Democratic Party says it has hired an executive director. The party said Monday that interim Executive Director Sam Parkinson has accepted the job permanently since taking over in April. Before that, Parkinson had served as the party’s finance director since August 2015. His new role came after the party’s former executive director,…

Democrats To Use Grant For Interns, Grassroots Organizers

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) – The South Dakota Democratic Party says it will use a $10,000 grant to hire summer interns and organizers in tribal communities. The party said Wednesday that the money came from the Democratic National Committee. It will go toward two paid internships through the summer and hiring seven grassroots organizers in tribal areas around the state….