SD Restaurant Excited For Commercial Shrimp Harbor To Move Into Minn.

Last week, a company announced that they’ll be bringing a commercial shrimp harbor to Minnesota. From one harbor alone, tru Shrimp Systems says they’ll harvest seven million pounds of shrimp each year, but what’s the demand for shrimp locally? “It’s southern influenced fine dining is what we do,” said Bros Brasserie Americano Owner and Chef Ryan Tracy. “It’s a really…

Shrimp In Minnesota: Company Announces Harbor Coming To Luverne

Americans consume more than 1.5 billion pounds of shrimp every year, and about 80 percent of it is imported from Southeast Asia. But a Minnesota company is hoping to change that in the next few years. Tru Shrimp Systems announced Monday that they’re bringing their first ever commercial shrimp harbor to Luverne. “The whole world is watching what we’re doing….