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Blaise Keller, KDLT Morning Meteorologist

Who's ready for a warm up?! We've been dealing with subzero temperatures and single digit temperatures for highs over the last couple of weeks but now, finally, we are going to see unseasonably warm air move in the Sioux Empire as well as parts of the Plains. This warm up, though, is ahead of our next low pressure system that will bring the cold air back to the Sioux Empire but could also bring us our next round of significant snow.

The high pressure system that kept us cooler is pushing off towards the southeast which means our winds turn out of the south and remained out of the south since the overnight hours. Those southerly winds are going to remain light but there could be some breezy periods throughout the day across some of our northern counties. Many of us will still remain below freezing however, there may be some melting that will occur across the Missouri River so be aware that icy conditions may form overnight into Thursday.

Southerly winds are going to create an atmosphere for an area of low pressure to develop across the Northern Plains. A weak cold front will slide across the Plains and could potentially create a Colorado Low as we go into weekend. We are carefully watching where this expected low is going to track; the farther south it remains, the better chance the Sioux Empire will have of not seeing snow whereas the farther north it remains, the better chance we'll have to see snow as early as Saturday. We are carefully looking at the latest data to keep you updated however, it's still too early to determine potential snow totals.

Highs today are going to climb into the 20s, 30s and 40s with clear skies and light, southerly winds.

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