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Blaise Keller, KDLT Morning Meteorologist

Spring is here and we're going to start to feel like Spring as we go into the rest of this week! Temperatures are going to be warming up, we'll see some spring showers as well as some windy conditions! However, the spring-like conditions could be short lived as long range models do suggest that we'll see some cooler air return back to the forecast area as we near the end of March and go into the best month of the year (cause it's my birth month) April!

Winds are going to remain out of the south as we continue to go through the second day of Spring; those southerly winds are going to help move much warmer air northwards throughout the day. That means during the morning hours, once again, we'll see patchy fog mainly along and east of highway 281. Some of that fog may be dense, so please make sure you are taking it slow on the roadways during the morning hours. Other than fog, our sky conditions as well as roadways should be okay for driving.

Clouds are going to be clearing from the southwest to the northeast as a low pressure system begins to become a little bit more developed throughout the day today. Eventually, a warm front will start to form and continue to lift northwards going throughout the evening hours into the day on Thursday. As it lifts northwards, we'll see the chance for showers to develop along it Thursday night into Friday. This low pressure system will continue to bring the threat for showers, may be a thunderstorm or two across the southeast, as it moves eastward Friday into Saturday. Temperatures should remain somewhat the same, in the low to mid 40s with 50s found across the southwest.

Highs on Wednesday are going to climb into the 30s, 40s and 50s with clearing skies from the southwest to the northeast. Winds are going to remain light and out of the south. Fog will be patchy and somewhat dense through the late morning.

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