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Blaise Keller, KDLT Morning Meteorologist

Who's ready for a much more comfortable and pleasant week? I think there are a number of hands that are raised at that question because we have been dealing with some very oppressive feeling dew points and temperature as of late so this upcoming week is going to feel great compared to what we've felt. The jet stream is changing and the ridge is moving farther west which means that the Sioux Empire, over the next two weeks, could feel cooler than normal temperatures!

The jet stream has been adjusting over the last couple of days and is beginning to move the ridge, that we've been sitting underneath for the last couple of weeks, farther west which means that the Sioux Empire is going to be through some changes. We have been sitting underneath that ridge for the first couple weeks of Summer, remember when the air felt thick and our dew points were tropical feeling? That's changing here as we go into this week and, possibly, for the next two weeks. That hotter and humid air mass is going to be off to our west for the next two weeks while we sit underneath air that is expected to not only be more dry but also cooler than normal.

A high pressure system is moving in from the northwest, riding over the ridge and will be bringing us more comfortable weather for the next two days. This high pressure system is following a cold front that moved through the Sioux Empire over the weekend; this high will keep our skies quiet and cool for the next 24-48 hours as it moves in and then out of the forecast area. Dew points are expected to remain in the 50s and 60s with skies generally clear with clouds increasing across the Missouri River Valley going into the overnight as we could see showers and thunderstorms develop in the southern part of the Missouri River Valley overnight.

Highs on Monday are going to be climbing into the 80s with light winds out of the south and clear to mostly clear skies.

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