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Snow Totals – December 28th & 29th

For the second time in four days, the Sioux Empire underwent a winter storm that brought some places more than a half foot of snow. Here is a list of the most up to date snow totals that we have received!

Snowfall Continues Overnight Into Tuesday

Snow had already pushed into the area leading to deteriorating road conditions across the Sioux Empire. Here's a look at how much snow we should expect by Tuesday afternoon.

We Will NOT See 20.5 Inches of Snow By Christmas

Throughout the last couple of hours I've been answering questions about a claim that a local Facebook page has made saying that we will see nearly 21 inches of snow by Christmas Day. Is it true? Absolutely not. While it is likely that we will see a White Christmas, the likelihood of receiving 20.5 inches of snow by that date is highly unlikely.

Significant Snow To Come To Sioux Empire

Starting Sunday night, a low pressure system is expected to make its way out of the southwest and travel northeast; as it does, it's going to bring the Sioux Empire a significant amount of snow that is expected to last through Tuesday evening. Some places could pick up over 10" of snow.

Friday November 20th Snow Totals

Plenty of snow fell across the area on Friday bringing places of southeast South Dakota over a foot of snow. Here are some of those snow totals.

Record El Niño Possible, What It Means for Us

About three months ago, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, also known as NOAA, announced that the world could be in for one of the strongest El Niño events recorded in history and that this even would rival that of the strongest El Niño ever recorded from 1997-1998. But what does that mean for our winter weather here in the KDLT Viewing area?

October Warmer & Wetter than Normal

October has come and gone and for many it was quite warm. Temperatures across the area were well above average, and a few of us even managed to hit 90° during the course of a month who’s average temperature is usually in the upper 40s when you take into account the high and low temperature of all 31 days.

What El Nino Means For Northern Plains Winter

The El Nino that is developing in the Pacific is set to be one of the strongest on record, with sea surface temperatures well above where they should be for this time of year. While this is taking place in the Pacific, its effects are going to be felt here in the Northern Plains, the rest of the United State and the world.

Summer Is Gone, With The Wind

The second weekend of October coming to an end and so is this last taste of summer that we received. On both Saturday and Sunday, temperatures climbed into the 70s, 80s and 90s (thankfully we didn't have the humidity) with plenty of sunshine. However, with the wind, it was gone yet it was the warm airmass that helped create these windy conditions.

Photos Of The Supermoon Eclipse

It's part of three supermoons that will be seen this Fall; last night was a rare event where the moon was not only a supermoon but also went through a lunar eclipse. It was an event that hasn't been seen in 33 years and it won't be seen again until 2033.

A Break From The Dog Days of Summer

After several days of being underneath a very tropical feeling airmass, the KDLT viewing area is starting to see some relief, a break, from the dog days of summer. We'll start to see temperatures drop from the 80s to mid 60s for highs!

Cut-off Low Means Quiet Weather For Region

A low pressure system moved through the region yesterday, putting the eastern portion of the KDLT viewing area under the gun for a potentially severe weather afternoon. However, the severe weather threat was eliminated by cloud cover and as we go into later parts of next week, the low will become cut-off which means we're going to be under plenty of quiet skies.

What To Do If You Hydroplane

Heavy rains that fell across the Sioux Empire Sunday night caused roads to flood which then brought the risk of hydroplaning to those driving. With the chance of rain sticking around through the first half of next week, do you know what to do if you're caught hydroplaning?

The "Groovy" 70's Return To The Sioux Empire

With the passing of a cold front, the jetstream will start to move into a trough setup in which cooler than usual air will be over the region resulting in high temperatures in the mid to upper 70s for a couple of days.

A Rare Blue Moon Tonight!

We are in for something special and rare tonight/early Friday and the next time this will happen wont be until 2018!

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